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A direct functionalization of unsubstituted isoxazole (1 ) was achieved by generation of 4‐isoxazolyl anion species (3 ).An efficient 4‐iodination of isoxazole and halogen–metal exchange reaction using a turbo Grignard reagent (i PrMgCl⋅ LiCl) were essential for the generation of 3 , which reacted with various electrophiles to give 4‐functionalized isoxazoles in good to high yields. A heterobimetallic PtPd 3 complex supported by three bridging diphenylsilylene ligands, [Pt{Pd(dmpe)} 3 (μ 3 ‐SiPh 2) 3] (1 , dmpe=1,2‐bis(dimethylphosphino)ethane), has been synthesized from mononuclear Pd and Pt complexes.The hexagonal core composed of Pt, Pd, and Si atoms is slightly larger than that of the tetrapalladium complex, [Pd{Pd(dmpe)} 3 (μ 3 ‐SiPh 2) 3] (2 ). A Polyaromatic Gemini Amphiphile That Assembles into a Well‐Defined Aromatic Micelle with Higher Stability and Host Functions Tomoya Nishioka Laboratory for Chemistry and Life Science, Institute of Innovative Research, Tokyo Institute of Technology, …

The number of crustal earthquakes decreases monotonically with depth, and little seismicity occurs beyond 100‐km depth, but mantle earthquakes become increasingly active with increasing depth and reach a peak at a depth of ~150 km. | Read the latest Editorial: "ChemistrySelect: A Time of Change".. Editorial Board Chairs: Didier Astruc (Bordeaux), Wiley-Blackwell社が発行する学術雑誌・電子ブック等のデータベースです(各タイトルへの個別のリンクは電子ジャーナル 電子ブック ページにあります)。

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Current Protocols in Pharmacology is the comprehensive resource protocols and overviews in pharmacology addressing challenges in the drug discovery process including receptor binding and isolated tissue assays, cell culture techniques, electrophysiological methods, high throughput screening, pharmacogenetics, and signal transduction. In the summer of 1963, when a group of Japanese scientists arrived at the aged building of the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory, run by the U.S. Geological Survey, there began a program of cooperation and friendship between American and Japanese volcanologists that continues to the present. 利用案内. 企画展示「電通大へようこそ!~大学生活スタートダッシュ~」のご案内 .

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→ Amazon.co.jp / Wiley Online Library (外部リンク) 池田清宏教授と室田一雄・東京大学教授による著書 "Bifurcation Theory for Hexagonal Agglomeration in Economic Geography" がSpringer社から出版されました. (2013/11/26) → Amazon.co.jp / Springer.com (外部リンク) It is published on behalf of Chemistry Europe, an association of 16 European chemical societies.. Read the launch Editorial now. Leyens, Christoph, 1967-, Peters, Manfred, 1950-Wiley Online Library Online Books, Wiley-VCH

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